GP & The Acute Plastics Trauma Services

The Acute Plastics Trauma Service

13th Aug 2015

Welcome to The Acute Plastics Trauma Service,

which is now available to your patients, 3 days per week!

About the Service: 

This is an Acute Plastic Surgery Trauma Clinic, available 3 days per week, with immediate access to leading Consultant Plastic Surgeons with expertise in the treatment of acute plastic trauma injuries. At present the team includes:

Mr Fuan Chan

Mr Colin Riordan

Mr Barry O’Sullivan

The clinic is open from 8am – 10am Monday, Wednesday & Friday. It is located within the Emergency Department.

The patient can walk in with a referral or schedule an appointment in advance by phone on 01 206 4232, or by fax on 01 206 4448.

Same day surgery will be carried out if required. Patients will be treated with regional anaesthesia where possible.

Who to refer?

Patients with the following injuries:

  • Upper limb trauma – lacerations / tendon injuries / nerve injuries.
  • Lower limb trauma – lacerations / pretibial wounds / large open wounds (which require reconstructive surgery).
  • Complex Facial lacerations.
  • Complex Scalp lacerations.
  • Minor to moderate burns injuries.
  • Acute cellulitis – facial / hand.

* Please note: For patients requiring immediate attention, contact us directly.

How to Refer?

Step One

Book the patient into the next day Acute Plastics Trauma Clinic by phone on 01 206 4323, or by fax on 01 206 4448.

Alternatively, the patient can walk in with a referral letter.

Step Two

The patient should present to the clinic fasting for at least 6 hours with their relevant x-rays, bloods and any other tests applicable.

Step Three

Patients will be seen by the Consultant Plastic Surgeon.

Step Four

If a surgical procedure or treatment is required, this will be organised on the same day where applicable.

Step Five

Patients will be discharged with follow up care.

What does the Service Cost?

The fee to attend the Acute Plastics Trauma Clinic is €150, payable on registration.

The clinic is located within the Emergency Department and further charges are explained via the links below.

Further to that: