Cardiac CT (Computed Tomography) Scan

Patient Information

Please download our patient information brochure regarding Cardiac CT and Calcium Score scans here:
Information for Patients on Cardiac CT Scans

This scan gives detailed images of the heart and coronary arteries using an intravenous contrast injection. It also includes a calcium score scan. When making the appointment patients are asked to arrive in the department one and a half hours prior to the scan time.

In preparation, patients must fast for 4 hours prior to the procedure. They are also asked to avoid drinking coffee or other stimulant drinks and to refrain from exercise before scanning.

On arrival to the CT department the patient’s heart rate will be checked. If it is above a certain level, they may be given a betablocker (medication which slows the heart rate) on the instruction of the Consultant in the department.

Following administration of a betablocker (if necessary) patients are asked to remain in the department for a minimum of one hour before scanning.

For the procedure the patient lies on the padded table under the scanner. A cannula is inserted into a vein in the arm for the intravenous contrast injection. ECG leads are placed on the patient’s chest to monitor the heart rate.

The calcium score will be performed initially followed by the contrast injection. Scanning then takes approximately 15 minutes.

After the scan, patients will remain in the department for up to one hour. It is advisable to be accompanied by a driver when returning home. Patients may eat and drink normally as soon as the procedure is complete.

The procedure takes approximately two and a half hours in total from start to finish.

Following the scan, a Consultant Radiologist and a Consultant Cardiologist will analyze the images produced and their report will go directly to the referring doctor.

This scan is available to outpatients with a GP or consultant referral. Please submit your referral to the Outpatient Booking Office by Fax: 01 206 4368 where it will be reviewed by the Consultant in the department prior to an appointment being offered.