The aim of the Bone Health Service is prevention and treatment for patients with Osteoporosis.

Osteoperosis is often referred to as a silent disease because bone loss occurs without symptoms. The first symptom can often be a fracture. By that time, a woman has often lost 30% or more of her bone mass. If evaluated at an early stage, patients can initiate prevention and treatment prior to the clinical manifestations of this silent disease.

Our goal at the Bone Health Service is to evaluate patients at an early stage to prevent the major complication of osteoporosis (fractures), and treat patients at the earliest possible stage to prevent additional disease manifestations. This is a consultant led service involving a multi disciplinary team approach including:

Consultant Rheumatologist:

Dr Nicola Ambrose

Dr Richard Conway

Dr Frances Stafford



Occupational Therapy, and


Referrals via Healthlink or Freephone 1800 60 10 60