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Cardiac Surgery – Morbidity and Mortality Rates

Blackrock Clinic About Blackrock Clinic Quality of care Cardiac Surgery – Morbidity and Mortality Rates

Part of our Quality and Patient Safety programme is to measure patient outcomes.

Constantly reviewing these figures helps us to continue our drive for best practice and improved patient outcomes.

In this table we show the rates of overall cardiac surgical site infection (SSI) and cardiac surgery mortality rates (where death occurs prior to discharge), by year. Although heart surgery patients are at a proportionally higher risk of developing an infection due to the generally poorer health associated with cardiac illness, infection rates for cardiac surgery at Blackrock Clinic are significantly below the international benchmark.

Blackrock Clinic Statistics:

Cardiac Surgery – Success Rates and Surgical Site Infections (SSI) as a % of Surgical Procedures:

Year Successful Surgeries SSI
2015 97.55 2.45
2016 98.18  2.60
2017 97  3.90