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What our patients are saying about us…..

Blackrock Clinic About Blackrock Clinic What our patients are saying about us…..

Trust in Staff

Figure taken 17th August 2020

As a hospital, Blackrock Clinic has a duty of care towards its patients. Along with that, our staff are personally dedicated as medical professionals to providing their best possible services. It is good policy to get feedback from past patients, and this is actively sought by our Quality team in the form of a post discharge online survey.

All feedback is positive as it gives us an opportunity to  assess our services  objectively. When necessary, we must challenge and amend our policies. Equally, it is essential to acknowledge when our strife towards excellence is achieved, and everyone’s expectations are met or exceeded.

Dignity & Respect 97.9% - What our patients are saying

Figure taken on 27th July 2020

Dignity & Respect – 27th July 2020 

97.9% of patients say they are treated with Dignity and Respect

Overall Experience – Excellent, 12th December 2018

Figure taken 12th December 2018

An impressive 93% of patients described their overall experience with us as “Excellent”.

Trust in Staff, 12th November 2018

Focusing on the issue of trust in our staff, and how patients have answered when posed with this as a question, we are delighted to report that 96% answered positively.

Link: CEO Blog: Blackrock Clinic Patient Satisfaction Survey for 2018