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Blood Bank (Blood Transfusion)

Blackrock Clinic Blood Bank (Blood Transfusion)

The Blood Bank includes both the transfusion laboratory and the haemovigilance function to ensure full quality management of blood products.


The transfusion laboratory covers the investigations required to ensure compatibility with donor blood products when required for transfusion. Such investigations include Blood Grouping, Antibody screening, Irregular Antibody identification and cross matching of donor blood with patient’s blood samples. Management of blood products and derivatives is the responsibility of this section. The Management team for the Blood Bank includes the Chief Medical Scientist, Senior Medical Scientist, Haemovigilance Officer, Consultant Haematologist and Pathology Manager.


Haemovigilance and Traceability: Adherence to the EU blood directive, ISO 15189 2007 and AML-BB standards is a priority for the Blood Bank. The hospital Haemovigilance Officer has responsibility for monitoring all transfusion related events. He, together with the transfusion laboratory staff ensures full traceability of blood products.