16th Jul 2019


We are based on the east coast of Ireland within 10 minutes of the centre of Capital City of Dublin beside the sea with great transport links. We are just off the M50 (Major Motorway) and are serviced by excellent public transport links bus and train. Many of our staff cycle to work too. We pride ourselves on being able to provide career opportunities for our staff and fill many vacancies from within our own workforce. We have a performance management system that focuses on training and development to ensure we have the best trained staff in all areas. Working in Blackrock you will have opportunities to work alongside some of the top medical practitioners in their field of expertise.

Our Vision is:

Clinical Excellence and Personal Care.

Our Mission Statement:

Blackrock Clinic is committed to delivering the highest standards of patient care through:

  1. Compassionate care of our patients and their families
  2. Engaging competent skilled consultants and staff
  3. Creating a professional environment through team work and respect
  4. Investing in Education and leading technology to maintain a culture of continuous development