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Blackrock Clinic CEO Blog 2020 – 21 Challenges & Focus, part 2

2020 – 21 Challenges & Focus, part 2

22nd Feb 2021

The achievements from an extraordinary 2020 are contiguous to our focus for 2021. As a hospital, we are in operation again with a community under Level 5 Covid-19 restriction, so much of our early learning from 2020 is being applied. We remain open across all service areas with full Covid-19 protocols in place. We strive to explain these in clear terms on our web site, and publish contact details should anybody want clarification. It is very conducive to our effectiveness and patient health if all those who pass protocols attend for their appointments.

Some remarkable events from 2020:

Complex Cancer Surgery. During the second quarter of 2020, over 1,000 urgent, complex cancer operations were performed at Blackrock Clinic. These were patients from the public hospital sector and procedures which would not otherwise have been performed during this period.

New Clinical Technologies. In September 2020 a specialist cardiac team in Blackrock Clinic’s catheterisation lab implanted its first LINQ II insertable cardiac monitor in an Irish patient. This day case procedure was performed under local anaesthetic. The device is Bluetooth enabled and plays a key part in diagnosing the most difficult to detect arrhythmias. It is a prime example of how wireless technology is changing the clinical treatment trajectory.

This procedure is worthy of mention as it is very much in keeping with best practice during the Covid-19 pandemic: it reduces the number of visits the patient needs to make to the hospital. 


Ways in which we measure and analyse our success at Blackrock Clinic are diverse. Some “stand out” results from the year can be seen via our “Patient Satisfaction” score system. This is a visceral metric. Listening to feedback is vital to our functioning, and I am proud to publish the 2020 score table:

CategoryScore (%)
Quality of Care93%
Dignity and Respect95%
Trust in Staff97%
Overall Experience92%

These are world-class satisfaction scores, calculated by “patient experience management” technology and properly reflecting the outstanding quality of the care given.

Trust in Staff fig Aug 2020
Fig from 17th August 2020

2021 Focus

As a company, we have some major additions to our assets and infrastructure planned for 2021:

Nuclear Medicine

We are preparing to introduce Amyloid PET imaging to our PET/CT repertoire early in the year. This is a major tool in the diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease. 

Prostate-Specific Membrane Antigen (PSMA) PET/CT is also scheduled to be brought on stream, as the range of diagnostics required by our expanding team of Urology Department specialists grows.

CT Scanning Machine image

New IV Suite

Construction of a purpose built IV Suite (to replace the existing Oncology Day Unit) is set to commence soon. Positioned above our Emergency Department, this is an exciting collaborative project. All our Oncology stake-holders were involved in the design process and this will result in a holistic yet state-of-the-art ergonomic treatment environment. More on this very soon.

Theatre 5 & Endoscopy Suite

Plans are being drawn up to expand and upgrade the above environments, in line with Blackrock Clinic’s commitment to continued investment in world class infrastructure and cutting edge equipment.


To conclude, we are consciously improving our communication channels at every step this year, in the knowledge that everybody is more empowered when connected. In order to provide staff with the most accurate and up to date information, internal messaging is now being sent via Microsoft “SharePoint Online” , so that news-updates can be shared and stored for ongoing reference.

I will be updating this Blog as the year progresses, expanding on some of the exciting items listed above. Keep an eye on our “Events” listing for upcoming webinars. We are also on social media, and you can find us there as follows:

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