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Blackrock Clinic CEO Blog Blackrock Clinic Celebrates 25 Years.

Blackrock Clinic Celebrates 25 Years.

6th Apr 2011

In April 1986 we broke the mould of late 20th century when with the opening of the Blackrock Clinic it transfomed aspects of healthcare in Ireland by creating a new model of healthcare delivery.

Our pioneering medical team also shaped Irish healthcare by introducing high-tech surgical procedures, medical treatments and diagnostic tests. Access to these was subsequently made easier for Irish patients.

We at Blackrock Clinic are particularly proud of this unmatched heritage. Our focus on delivering the very newest and best services and treatments is combined with our concern for the patient and their welfare in everything we do. We aim for this ethos to set us apart in the healthcare sector.

For example, Blackrock Clinic was the first hospital to introduce PET scanning to Ireland, the first to introduce Cardiac CT in 2006 and the first to carry out transcatheter aortic valve replacement (TAVI) in Ireland in June 2008; the hospital is also the first to have appointed a Director with the sole remit of Clinical Governance.

We strive continually to deliver healthcare which reaches and exceeds international standards. For instance, we marked the 25th Anniversary by announcing investment of €2.1m in a second MRI scanner which will be dedicated to Cardiac MRI and which will be installed by summer this year. This will be the first dedicated MRI scanner in Ireland and will make Blackrock Clinic the largest private MRI Centre in the country.

The investment will allow Blackrock Clinic to become a centre of excellence for advanced cardiac imaging, and will present tremendous training and research opportunities for cardiology and radiology trainees with a particular interest in cardiac imaging. It will also allow Blackrock Clinic to enter the field of international cutting edge research.

The anniversary brings to mind the terrific story of the commitment, perseverance and risk taking of the founders of the Blackrock Clinic.

Driven by frustration with the Irish health system in the ‘80s and the lack of facilities available, the founders took the bold step of developing a private hospital to provide cardiac investigations, cardiac surgery and joint replacement, despite having no specific support or guarantee from either the VHI or Department of Health when they publicly announced their plans.

New procedures and technologies couldn’t have developed as they did in Ireland without private investment and the financial risks taken by this group of consultants.

Areas of public healthcare services could then follow when the start up risks and learning process had been successfully completed.

Today, the hospital is in the midst of a €100m expansion project which is nearly complete and has transformed our size and the facilities we can offer. Just as the founders invested in the Irish patient population in 1986, we are doing so again in 2011.