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Blackrock Clinic CEO Blog Blackrock Clinic Emergency Department – Delivering Rapid Medical Expertise to Patients for 11 Years.

Blackrock Clinic Emergency Department – Delivering Rapid Medical Expertise to Patients for 11 Years.

23rd Jul 2021

“It is designed to meet the needs of those who value the high quality environment of a private hospital-based clinical treatment unit – and the prompt service it can deliver.”

Blackrock Clinic’s Emergency Department (ED) celebrates eleven years of service this summer. By providing efficient year-round-care seven days a week, including Sundays and Bank Holidays, we have made our service unparalleled amongst private hospital emergency departments in Ireland.

Emergency Department at Blackrock Clinic

The benefits of this service are expressed both in figures and the feedback we receive from our patients and GPs. The ED is currently used by over 10,000 patients a year, with many repeat attendances standing testimony to its worth. Attributes such as immediate access to a consultant, and rapid admission for inpatient care, are greatly appreciated by our patients. Fast access to on site facilities such as Radiology, CT and MRI help with speedy diagnosis. Department analytics show that the average time to triage remains under 4 minutes, with 97% of patients being given a final decision on discharge or admission within 6 hours of arrival.

Speedy diagnosis and the best possible specialist care in a relaxed and calm environment

The principles we set out with have not changed over the years. ‘To offer patients a speedy diagnosis and the best possible specialist care in a relaxed and calm environment’ remains the ED’s main objective. Continuous assessment of the service has however led to some alterations to our modus operendi resulting in the following innovations:

In 2014 such was the demand for this service that we outgrew our original environment. We expanded into a purpose-built space three times the size, and with some exceptional features expertly designed to improve patient safety and comfort:

Emergency Department aexpanded in 2014
  • Our ED was the first in Ireland to provide separate private cubicles, ensuring a comfortable area for each patient while maximising privacy and infection prevention and control. Private cubicles have proved their worth exponentially since the beginning of Covid-19.
  • The department was designed with outside walls allowing large windows to flood the facility with natural light throughout the day. This is mood enhancing for both patients and staff.
  • Check-in and reception areas are spacious. Again, this has proved highly beneficial with Covid protocols and social distancing regimens.
Blackrock Clilnic bed availability traffic light system

In 2016, to keep patients and GPs abreast of what to expect from their visit, we introduced a digital bed availability “Traffic Light” system. Accessed from our web site, it gives an up to the minute visual on whether the hospital has capacity to admit a non-elective patient. This is administered in live time during opening hours, with an icon indicating: Green – Beds Available; Amber – Bed Space Limited; Red – No Beds Available.

Blackrock Clinic introduced a health insurance app called Cover Check

In 2017, to help navigate the increasingly complex system of health insurance plans, we developed a user-friendly health insurance app called “Cover Check”. Again accessible from our web site, it offers patients a quick overview of their insurance cover when applied to a Blackrock Clinic admission. This gives the patient the financial tools required to make the decision on whether to choose our ED.    

Consultant led skilled staffing

The Staff in the ED were superb. Felt 100% safe.” Anon patient, June 2021

Whilst we pride ourselves on our facilities, the biggest attribute to the ED service is its team. We understand the fear and apprehension which accompany a medical emergency, and are skilled at helping people communicate through that. The department has always been consultant led, so whether a patient refers themselves, or arrives after GP referral, a Consultant in Emergency Medicine is on site for consultation and, where necessary, admission. Working alongside the consultant is a dedicated team of nurses and support workers trained in Emergency Care. They deal with a wide range of acute medical conditions throughout each working day, which can include:

Private ambulance can be arranged to transport patients to/ from Blackrock Clinic
  • medical and surgical emergencies;
  • minor injuries – sprains, strains and wounds;
  • fractures;
  • respiratory conditions;
  • gastrointestinal conditions;
  • chest pain.

This list is far from exhaustive.

Patients can attend under their own steam or by private ambulance with prior arrangement. (This service is operated by “Medicall Ambulance Service” in conjunction with Blackrock Clinic – details can be found on our web site or from the reception staff).

Call 1800 283 999 – Let us plan for your arrival

Let our Emergency Department plan for your arrival by calling 1800283999

The ED service has returned to on-demand following a brief period of ‘by appointment’ to facilitate Covid-19 protocols. It does however currently benefit the effectiveness of our ED and our patient’s experience if we are able to plan for their arrival. We can then ensure minimum human contact and allow our staff to maximise the time spent with each patient. A prior telephone call to our ED Reception helps us to achieve this. Please call us on 1800 283 999 if you intend to use the service.

All admitted patients are accommodated in single-occupancy en-suite rooms, with access to our hi-tech hospital facilities and the country’s leading medical teams. Attendance is available to patients over the age of 16.

Single room occupancy at Blackrock Clinic