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Blackrock Clinic CEO Blog Blackrock Clinic Emergency Department turns 10

Blackrock Clinic Emergency Department turns 10

24th Jul 2020

Blackrock Clinic Emergency Department (ED) celebrates 10 years this summer. As one of the first private hospital EDs to open in Ireland, the figures speak for themselves regarding its value to date:

  • 88,000 patients have been through the department.
  • A quarter of patients (22,000) were admitted to our hi-tech acute hospital from the ED.
  • On average, each patient spends 2.78 hours in the ED, and
  • The average time to triage is 3.7 minutes.


Patient response to our swift triage times, consultant-delivered care, cutting edge environment, and the option of admission to our hospital if required, quickly embedded the ED into the heart of the range of services provided to our patients. Year two saw patient numbers increase by 63% on previous figures. With such a demand trajectory, by the end of 2014 we had moved the department into a brand new purpose built area three times the size.

New ED Features

  • Fixed Partitions: Always conscious of patient safety and privacy, our ED was the first to provide separate private cubicles for ED patients ensuring that the spacious cubicles contain conversation and diagnosis, and maximise infection prevention and control.
  • Natural Light: The department enjoys outside walls, with large windows flooding the facility with light during the day. This benefits both patients and staff.
  • Spacious: Check-in and reception areas are spacious for privacy, comfort and infection prevention and control.
  • Private Ambulance: A private ambulance is available by patient arrangement for transportation to the ED if necessary. This service is operated by “Medicall Ambulance Service” in conjunction with Blackrock Clinic. 

Supporting Our Community

Approximately 30,000 patients use private EDs in Dublin every year and this equates to the patient levels of an ED in a large public hospital.  As a result, the private sector complements Dublin’s emergency medicine services and relieves some pressure from the public system

Seven Day Service

Of primary importance, our services remain available seven days a week. We are the only private ED in Dublin to open on Sundays and Bank Holidays, and have the longest opening hours overall.

Opening Hours are: 8am-6pm, Monday to Friday and 10am-5pm Saturday, Sunday and Bank Holidays.

Blackrock Clinic ED and Covid-19

Covid-19 has required us to review all of our services to ensure we can continue to meet our patient care needs safely. ED services remain on-demand, so patients can still access them with or without a GP referral. They do however require an appointment now. This ensures minimum human contact and allows staff to maximise the time spent with each patient. It means patients have fast access to emergency care but at the same time minimising the amount of time in the ED. No more waiting in waiting rooms!

Call for Appointment

Call us on 1800 283 999. A member of our clinical team will telephone triage the patient, and an appropriate appointment will be offered with acute emergencies given priority.