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Blackrock Clinic CEO Blog Blackrock Clinic Opens New Day Surgery Unit

Blackrock Clinic Opens New Day Surgery Unit

30th Jun 2010

This is an exciting time for Blackrock Clinic as phase two of our €100 million expansion programme is nearing completion. Early last month saw the opening of our new purpose built Day Care Unit.

Day Care Unit

The new unit houses two full operating theatres, two endoscopy suites, three minor procedure rooms and thirty three bed spaces and recliner chairs, in total increasing the hospital’s day care capacity by 200% and making Blackrock one of the largest day care providers in the country. The unit has enabled the delivery of efficient treatment for up to 100 patients a day.

According to the World Health Organisation, day surgery is now practiced widely worldwide both in public and private healthcare offering a high quality, safe and cost effective approach for elective procedures and enjoying a high rate of patient satisfaction. Patients overwhelmingly endorse day surgery as it offers an earlier return to normal activities and less disruption to their lives.

In addition it significantly reduces the risk of hospital related infections. Some interesting statistics highlight that in the US up to 80% of all elective operative procedure are now carried out at day surgery facilities and in addition in the UK the NHS is currently predicting that nearly all of 25 selected elective surgery operations will be carried as day cases in the near future. In contrast just 55% of all elective surgery in Ireland is performed in a day case setting.

Findings of an independent review on Acute Bed Capacity carried out by PA consulting on behalf of the HSE published in 2008, concluded that patients could be better served with less public patient beds then currently exist, if all Irish Hospitals implemented practices and processes which operate as the norm around the World. For example countries such as Australia, UK, Finland, Denmark and Canada could treat the same number of patients as Ireland treats today with between 2,000 and 5,000 less public patient beds.

According to the HSE, increasing day care surgery is a key element of its strategy in delivering an integrated health system where the majority of care is provided through community based facilities and appropriate day case procedures enabling acute hospitals to concentrate on providing specialist and complex care.

The new unit’s design, physical space, systems and processes have been purpose built to create a first class environment for patients, doctors and staff alike. Surgical and anaesthetic advances in recent years mean that day care treatment can now be considered for many procedures where it was not previously possible. Over 70% of elective surgery can now be performed on a day care basis here in Blackrock Clinic including cataract surgery, hernia repairs, varicose veins ligation etc. As an added bonus the unit also offers breathtaking views over Dublin Bay, the cityscape and the Wicklow Mountains which will enhance the patient’s experience.