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Blackrock Clinic’s First Private Ambulance

3rd Feb 2014

Medicall is a private ambulance service which has been providing private ambulance transport to patients around the country since the early 90s.  Blackrock Clinic is very proud to  have its own branded Medicall Ambulance for patient transfers to our Emergency Department.

This is a very valuable service to patients who need to get to our Emergency Department, or an elective procedure but are too unwell, too uncomfortable, or unable to travel by car.

The relationship we’ve developed with Medicall Ambulance service means that a patient, or their family, can ring the Blackrock Clinic Emergency Department in advance, advise us of their intention to arrive by private ambulance, and book and pay for the service directly with Medicall.

In some cases, for example when transporting a patient from a nursing home, private health insurance may cover the cost.

The ambulance is fully equipped to the highest European safety standards and crewed by an experienced, dedicated team of Advanced Paramedics, Paramedics and Emergency Medical Technicians.

Thus, it offers a great alternative to the patient who is not in urgent need of assistance, but still needs the swift, consultant-delivered care of Blackrock Clinic’s Emergency Department.

However, please note, that any patient requiring emergency medical assistance should ring the 999/112 ambulance service to receive direct and immediate care in the A&E of the nearest public hospital.