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Blackrock Clinic CEO Blog Bryan Harty issues Farewell Blog as CEO of Blackrock Clinic

Bryan Harty issues Farewell Blog as CEO of Blackrock Clinic

14th Jul 2016

When I arrived at the hospital in February 2000, I had been asked to ‘sub’ in the CEO position after my predecessor departed, for a six week period. And sixteen years later, here I am, wondering, where did the time go?

And now I’m leaving of course I’m a little sad.

I am incredibly proud of what we’ve achieved in Blackrock Clinic to date, and lucky to have been here for over half of the hospital’s ground breaking history.

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Blackrock Clinic was founded through the pioneering vision of Dr George Duffy, Mr Maurice Neligan, Mr James Sheehan and Mr Joseph Sheehan.  It took sheer grit and determination to follow that vision in the face of huge financial challenges and quite a bit of opposition.

That pioneering and entrepreneurial spirit has continued since we opened.  I believe it will always continue since it is very much part of the medical and surgical mindset.  In these professions, there is a constant drive to find better, faster, less invasive ways of doing things; a permanent desire to improve the experience and the outcomes for patients.

Part of Blackrock Clinic’s reputation has rested on our engagement of the best consultants.  We also take the same approach to our staff.   So I owe a debt of gratitude to all these people for working with me to reach the best possible standards, always protecting and enhancing the reputation of Blackrock Clinic.

Also, I must thank the shareholders for their continued support in the development of the hospital.  They have always made the best possible decisions for Blackrock Clinic and give us, the management team, the tools we needed to keep developing and improving our offering.

ambulance140129_KAS1_138I’ve always felt incredibly lucky to be a part of Blackrock Clinic’s evolution.

In fact, we’ve had quite a transformation.  We’re no longer a niche high tech hospital, but with our facilities – including the Cath Lab, Hybrid Operating Theatre, the ICU and ED – we can deliver the type of care which before would only have been possible in a public hospital.

But now it is time for me to move on, and I will miss many of the team I have worked with.  I won’t name anyone, but many people will remain in my mind forever, because of  their dedication, their determination, their care and their expertise.

I hope that our patients here say, and will continue to say, the same thing.