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Blackrock Clinic CEO Blog BSE Department Accreditation – Another First for Blackrock Clinic

BSE Department Accreditation – Another First for Blackrock Clinic

27th May 2020

Blackrock Clinic has become the first private hospital in the Republic of Ireland to be awarded “Departmental Accreditation” from the British Society of Echocardiography (BSE). The accreditation was awarded to the Echocardiography Department in September 2019, following a sustained improvement and assessment process undertaken by the Cardiac Physiology team.

The team was headed by Martina Peagram, Lead Physiologist in Echocardiography, and Dr Ross Murphy, Consultant Cardiologist. The accreditation is in the area of “Standard Transthoracic Echocardiography” (Echo). The process included site visits by a team from the BSE accreditation body, along with Echo professionals from Sligo Hospital, the first public hospital department in Ireland to accomplish the BSE quality standard.

Echo Department Accreditation Certificate - Blackrock Clinic

What is Departmental Accreditation?

The Departmental Accreditation process is a comprehensive assessment of the Echo department and systems, with the aim of maximising the quality of patient care. According to BSE, “departmental accreditation is a recognised benchmark of quality and demonstrates that an Echo department meets realistic quality standards.”

Echo Quality Framework

BSE endorses a four quadrant “Echocardiography Quality Framework” (EQF). This is a “comprehensive, patient-centric, holistic approach to quality assurance and continuous service improvement”. The framework focuses on Quality; Consistency; Training, and Feedback.

BSE: Echo Quality Framework
  • Quality

Blackrock Clinic invests in state-of-the-art equipment to offer the highest quality services to our patients. Dedicated ISCV reporting, analysis and auditing software implemented in 2017 places our equipment well within the required accreditation age of <10years.

Our Echo Department is situated within a dedicated suite, allowing the patient to be comfortable, relaxed, and their privacy maximised for dignity. Staff and equipment have ample space to function efficiently and effectively.

  • Consistency

The ISCV system allows the reporting of an astonishing 500 Echo procedures per month to be consistent in language, format and quality. Peer review and audit proved to the accrediting body that each report reaches the same standard of excellence.

  • Training

All the staff were actively involved in the Departmental Accreditation, as well as keeping their own level of expertise up to date.

  • Feedback

The Echo team of around 16 staff meets each Wednesday morning, a forum for discussion, case history review, and an opportunity to raise any issue of concern or improvement.

Optimised Quality of Patient Care

A hospital is a complex mix of requirements, and ensuring the highest quality care at every touch point in our patient journey can often benefit from an external overview.

Blackrock Clinic applied voluntarily for BSE Echo Department Accreditation. We have an established focus on raising safety and quality of care standards within the hospital to the highest levels, having retained “JCI” accreditation as a hospital for well over 10 years. We are well positioned for a future which is likely to see greater emphasis on proving the “quality” of healthcare provision.   

Blackrock Clinic Echocardiography Department
Blackrock Clinic Echocardiography Department