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EcoMerit Certification

24th Nov 2015

Eco DemoToday, Blackrock Clinic is the first hospital in Ireland to receive the EcoMerit certification from Dun Laoghaire Rathdown County Council.

This means that we have successfully put in place a programme of energy, waste and water efficiencies to reduce our environmental footprint. The EcoMerit certification is quite an accomplishment when you consider the consumption of energy and water, and the level of waste produced by a busy, high tech hospital such as ours.

EcoMerit is an environmental initiative supported by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and Dun Laoghaire Rathdown County Council. It helps companies to reduce environmentally damaging waste, water and energy outputs, while increasing energy efficiencies and recycling.

Blackrock Clinic’s team made a number of changes which have made a big difference. We know this because our outputs are regularly independently monitored.

We have fine tuned power usage where possible. Specific areas, for example, operating theatres, can switch automatically to standby when not in use. This feature was fitted in the appropriate areas within the hospital’s €145m expansion programme and retrofitted in existing areas where it was needed.

By ensuring that equipment is only consuming energy when in use and routinely monitoring our outputs, the environmental and financial reductions are considerable.

A programme was put in place for replacement of fluorescent, halogen or tungsten lamps with LED lighting which uses less energy and requires less maintenance and cooling costs.

We introduced a Combined Heat and Power (CHP) unit which makes use of excess energy produced and directs it elsewhere in the hospital system where it is of value.

We installed energy efficient motors which are valuable due to their controllability. These motors can be adapted to match and provide the exact energy requirements of specific areas without producing unwanted waste energy.

Not only is it important to be a responsible part of our local community by reducing our environmental footprint, but there are welcome financial savings too.

Dun Laoghaire Rathdown County Council’s An Cathaoirleach, Barry Saul presented Michael McGowan, Facility and Projects Manager at Blackrock Clinic, with the certification today.