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Blackrock Clinic CEO Blog Emergency Department 5th Anniversary

Emergency Department 5th Anniversary

18th Jun 2015

Private Emergency Departments are a relatively new concept in Ireland. It seems they are a welcome development since approximately 30,000 patients use such facilities in Dublin every year. This is equivalent to the patient levels of the A&E in a large public hospital.

This month we marked the fifth birthday of Blackrock Clinic’sinterior3team5yr Emergency Department.  A few months ahead of this anniversary, the ED moved into a new purpose-built facility, designed with patients in mind. The number of beds has doubled, and the bright airy space is triple the size of the original Emergency Department.

There are real benefits for patients who opt to use a private Emergency Department.

Speed: in the majority of cases, patients can be assured that they will be treated quickly at the Blackrock Clinic ED. 97% will be either admitted or discharged within 6 hours.

Should patients need to be admitted, they have access to the 168-bedroom acute private hospital with its 8 high-tech and progressive operating theatres and an advanced ICU with 12 beds and 2 isolation bays.

Our new ED is even more patient-friendly than before. It’s a given that we offer the best in emergency care, but now we have improved the patient experience through specific design features.

Ours is the first ED to use glass partitions, which protect patient privacy. Without such a barrier, it is virtually impossible to avoid hearing the business of neighbouring patients, whether good or bad.

In addition, we have significantly more space in this ED which allowed us to provide more comfortable reception and waiting areas.

Further we’re open longer than any other private ED in Dublin – Monday to Friday, 8am-6pm and 10am-5pm on Saturday, Sunday and Bank Holidays.

We even have our own private ambulance, operated by Medicall (although in acute emergencies such as chest pain, patients should dial 999 for immediacy).

In Blackrock Clinic’s experience there is a definite trend towards private Emergency Medicine. Patients appreciate the speed, expertise and efficiency available in a private Emergency Department.