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Blackrock Clinic CEO Blog Emergency Department extended opening hours

Emergency Department extended opening hours

13th Sep 2011

An A&E visit can be extremely distressing and time consuming. At Blackrock Clinic, we’ve designed our Emergency Department to try to remove some of the unnecessary stress involved.

We offer a number of valuable services which will ease a patient’s mind at such a time. Patients will be seen promptly, so no fear of drawn-out, uncomfortable waiting times of 12 hours or more. All patients receive consultant delivered care, which means that despite the pressure of an emergency situation, there is still senior expertise given to every patient to ensure they receive the best possible care.

There is an initial assessment fee at the Blackrock ED, and subsequent treatment or test costs are capped. Once again, this relieves the stress of a potentially unmanageable bill at the end of a visit.

Emergency Department

Blackrock Clinic is the leading major acute hospital to accommodate all inpatients in single rooms. Any patient within the ED who requires subsequent hospitalisation will be placed in one of these single inpatient rooms, reducing the risk of hospital acquired infections.

Our Emergency Department is now open seven days.