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Blackrock Clinic CEO Blog Forecasting the nation’s health – Cardiac Electrophysiology (EP) Services & Space

Forecasting the nation’s health – Cardiac Electrophysiology (EP) Services & Space

15th Apr 2022

Blackrock Health at Blackrock Clinic is responding to a growing demand in Cardiac EP – with novel technology and a new dedicated Cardiac EP Laboratory (Cath Lab).

As a nation our heart health demographics are changing. We are living longer, often with chronic conditions already onboard, whilst the health of our younger population is impacted by harmful behavioral choices. We are advised that the prevalence of heart conditions such as Atrial Fibrillation (AF) will significantly increase, along with associated risks such as stroke, heart failure, and incidence of dementia.

Cardiac EP Services

Health-tech companies are busy innovating, and we are priming our response.

With a growing cohort of Cardiac Electrophysiologists, we have a specialist set of consultants, focused on cardiac arrhythmias such as AF, with the expertise to offer the best possible care to our patients.

By this strategy, Blackrock Clinic is set to welcome the many exciting developments in the field of EP, and we are already making news.

We recently became the first hospital in Ireland to introduce Adagio Healthcare’s iCLAS ultra-cold curvilinear catheter ablation system. This novel ablation technology offers system efficiency, and the flexibility to adopt to the patient’s unique atrial anatomy. It also incorporates risk reducing mechanisms.

It has been welcomed with professional acclaim.

Later this year we are set to commence ‘Pulse Field Ablation’ (PFA), a further promising new ablation modality using high amplitude electrical pulses.

The causes of AF are not always clear, which can add to the distress along with its debilitating nature and life changing complications.

The good news is that early intervention with specialised electrophysiology such as iCLAScan significantly benefit AF, especially in the younger patient where it is found to have strong association with blood pressure and obesity – two more factors from which our society is facing stress.

Space & Capacity

New and novel healthcare technologies often require bespoke environments, and augmented patient flow requires additional capacity.

Early this spring we began construction of our third Cath Lab, a project we aim to complete this autumn. The facility consists of a fully functioning EP Cath Lab affording four additional Angio daybeds, and will increase our Cath Lab capacity by up to 50%. This ensures that we will be able to satisfy the expected surge in demand, meeting the needs of our own patients, and patients attending from public hospitals via HSE agreements or other transfer routes.

Dedicated to EP

Whilst dedicated to EP services, the new development will also facilitate cross cover between all three areas of Cath Lab activity:

Structural, including:

Interventional, including: 

EP, including:

  • Mapping & Ablation techniques
  • EP Studies


We are fortunate to have a hospital purpose-built with expansion in mind. As we continue to match patient requirement with clinical capacity, we must also look at skill resourcing. Fantastic opportunities are now opening across areas such as Cardiac Technicians, Radiographers, and Cath Lab Nursing staff.

Patient Benefits

Blackrock Clinic’s cardiology lens is trained on the latest technique or product to offer significant potential patient benefits.

We invest in cutting-edge developments so that, together with our internationally trained cardiology leaders, we can continue to serve Ireland with world-class cardiac care.