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Blackrock Clinic CEO Blog More Patients Choose Blackrock Clinic for their Health Care Every Year

More Patients Choose Blackrock Clinic for their Health Care Every Year

19th Apr 2013

CEO Bryan Harty of Blackrock Clinic Health CareThe numbers of patients who come to Blackrock Clinic to meet their Health Care needs continues to increase.  In 2012 we cared for over 25,000 patients, which was an increase of 4% on the previous year.  Our patient numbers have increased every year for the last five years.

I believe this is because we have invested heavily in the hospital.  We have provided many new services such as the Emergency Department, a new ICU and a new purpose-built, Sterilisation Unit.  In addition we have preserved and increased our reputation for having the best consultants, and experienced clinical teams offering the most up to date procedures.

Bottom line for patients: they know they are getting the best possible care in professional surroundings.  This provides security, confidence and peace of mind for everyone who comes to us at a worrying time.

Over 19,000 of last year’s patients were day-patients, which meant they underwent the newest and least non-invasive procedures with minimum downtime.  This is thanks to our new Day Surgery Unit, opened in 2010, which increased the hospital’s day-care capacity by 200%.  With over 30 bed-spaces it is now one of the largest day-care facilities in the country, capable of managing procedures for over 100 patients a day.

The remaining 6,732 patients cared for by the team at Blackrock Clinic were inpatients.  Since 2010 we treat a higher number of inpatients because of our expansion programme which grew our inpatient rooms from 111 to 164.  I believe one of the distinct advantages for our patients at Blackrock Clinic is that we are the first major acute hospital in Ireland to accommodate all inpatients in single rooms.  This gives patients comfort, privacy and significantly reduces the chance of infection.

Another key driver in the increase in patient numbers is our new Emergency Department where attendances grew by 63% in 2012 to 6,760.

These figures all reflect that the investment in providing services and facilities meet patients’ needs.  For instance, patients attending the ED have access to consultants in Emergency Medicine and those who require admission to the hospital have access to its leading consultant population with expertise in all specialisms, should admission be required.

The average patient may not necessarily realise its importance at first, but our new Central Sterilisation Unit (CSU) is hugely beneficial to them.  This Unit provides for the most advanced form of sterilising of instruments and the prevention of infection.

The unit includes separate lifts and corridors to segregate the transport of clean and used instruments to ensure no cross-contamination.  Processes include washing, boiling and vacuum sealing. Resistant bacteria and the spread of infection is a growing problem in surgery and healthcare today, so the CSU removes a great deal of the threat of this problem.  Blackrock Clinic invested €7m on the CSU, which is testament to how committed we are in our approach to infection prevention and control.

We also have a new renal dialysis unit coming on-stream which allows patients access to this treatment if they need it during their stay with us for a different procedure.

Blackrock Clinic opened its doors 27 years ago.  It was the first hospital of its kind and has established itself firmly in that time.  Our ethos is to continually invest in the very best healthcare technology, facilities and expertise in order to meet (and where possible exceed) international standards and best practice.

To ensure Blackrock Clinic remains the leading private hospital in Ireland, we’ve managed the operational business aspect of the hospital responsibly and profitably, so that we have the finance to continually reinvest in the best possible care for our patients.