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Blackrock Clinic CEO Blog New Emergency Department Expansion Driven by Patient Demand

New Emergency Department Expansion Driven by Patient Demand

4th Nov 2014

Blackrock Clinic has just opened its enlarged Emergency Department which is now triple the size of our original ED, after opening the service only four years ago in 2010.

We had never expected to be building a bigger ED so soon, but we had to expand the facility and service due to the high number of patients coming through our doors everyday.

Each patient who is cared for in Blackrock Clinic’s ED is one less patient burdening the hospital system. This is a very positive development In Emergency Medicine in Ireland. Patients are free to make a choice and from our perspective are voting with their feet and prefer to use Blackrock Clinic’s service. They are opting for efficient, consultant-delivered care in a modern and cutting-edge environment, with the option of admission to Blackrock Clinic’s hospital if required.

Our staff had a great deal of input in the design of the new purpose-built Emergency Department. With their extensive experience in Emergency Medicine, they identified aspects of the service which would improve patient care and experience in the new facility.

We are very aware that our team members are meeting patients at a vulnerable time, and we want to ensure their journey through the Emergency Department is as comfortable and caring as possible, while also being efficient and offering access to the very latest medical and surgical techniques where needed.

Innovations and comforts provided in the new ED include cubicles that are spacious and are separated by glass partitions. This means that patients are not unwittingly exposed to conversations in other cubicles and they can be confident that their own conversations and diagnosis will remain private also.

The location of the new ED allows for large windows, flooding the facility with light during the day.

Additional space allocated to waiting, check-in and reception areas in the new facility allows more privacy and comfort for patients.

Opening hours are longer and the ED is now open 8am – 6pm, Monday – Friday and 10am – 5pm on weekends and bank holidays.

Importantly, patients can check what costs are involved before they visit. A transparent pricing list is available both online and in the ED reception, and test costs are capped at €500 for that visit. Should a patient want to speak to someone, we also provide further detailed information via our Enquiry Line, 1800 60 10 60, Mon – Fri 9am – 6pm.

If a patient requires admission to Blackrock Clinic, the costs for any insurance plan at or above the level of VHI Plan B (now called Health Plus Access) , Aviva Level 2, Laya Essential Plus or GloHealth Better Plan, will be covered since the additional charges are waived by Blackrock Clinic.

Our ED service is suitable for conditions including acute medical and surgical emergencies, minor injuries such as sprains, strains and wounds, fractures, respiratory conditions, gastrointestinal conditions and chest pain. However, the service is suitable for patients aged 14 and upwards only. Further, we do not cover some specialist areas such as psychiatric emergencies, acute stroke or obstetrics (although I did help to deliver a baby in the car park many years ago, but that’s another story).

We would urge anyone suffering acute chest pain to dial 999 for a public ambulance where you will be taken to your nearest Emergency Department, because while we have the expertise in Blackrock Clinic, delays en route could prove fatal.

The popularity and growth in demand for Blackrock Clinic’s Emergency Department shows that patients are educated and informed and where possible want consultant – delivered care and efficiency.