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Patient Satisfaction

2nd Jul 2013

Every year we undertake a survey of the satisfaction of our patients with their experience at Blackrock Clinic.  Professional research company, Ispos MRBI is engaged to do this on our behalf.

We undertake this exercise to track the satisfaction of patients and to listen to their views.  The survey covers all areas of hospital/patient interaction such as consultant care, the admission process, communication, food,  rooms, and every other aspect  of their stay.

1,050 questionnaires were distributed to a sample of patients and a response rate of 26% was  returned.  The research happened over a four-week period in January and February 2013.

Quality of Service:

88% rated the quality of service as ‘excellent’ or ‘very good’ this year.  Patient satisfaction has generally tended towards the very high eighties and early nineties over the thirteen years we have been conducting this survey.

This is impressive in a healthcare setting,  and is something we are clearly focused on retaining.  Blackrock Clinic’s high  standards significantly contribute to our reputation as one of the best private hospitals in Ireland.

 Quality of Staff:

From the responses it appears that staff – both consultants and nurses – are highly thought of by our patients.

Comments about what impressed patients most about Blackrock Clinic included:

“…the nursing staff were superb.”

And another patient said they were very impressed by:

“The professionalism and kindness of all staff and the speed and efficiency of test results and treatment.”

40% of respondents felt that staff were professional, competent and good.  39% thought they were friendly, helpful and caring, and 29% felt they were efficient.

89% felt that they received good treatment from their consultants prior to admission.  One patient commented that he was impressed by: “The consultant engagement. I felt both the consultant and I were making decisions collectively”.

Speedy Access to treatment:

Ease of access to treatment is a benefit which patients have always sought from Blackrock Clinic.  89% felt they had received an appointment with speed and ease.  Patients also mentioned that they valued fewer delays.  While delays in a healthcare setting are unavoidable, 62% of patients experienced no delays and of those who did, 71% felt that the reasons for the delay were explained to them very well.

Emergency Department:

Attendances at the Emergency Department(ED) have quadrupled since it opened in 2010.   As a result of increased numbers, some patient feedback referred to delays within the ED.  By its very nature, an Emergency Department will inevitably involve delays.  However, Blackrock Clinic offers a service whereby 81% of ED patients were seen in less than 30 minutes.  This is a significant improvement on the alternatives.

Unfortunately, one in five patients found the communication around the reason for these delays ‘not good’.  This is something we will focus on, but perhaps a mitigating factor may be the urgent nature of the department and as a result non-essential communication is not always possible.

Nonetheless 82% found the overall Emergency Department experience either excellent or very good. There is further demand for longer opening hours (the ED currently opens from 9-6 weekdays, and 10-5 Saturdays, Sundays and Bank holidays).  We are currently investigating ways to meet the growing demand for the ED.

Overall, our focus now is directed towards the areas where  there is room for improvement.  Further we are benchmarking results with surveys from other years to ensure continuity.

The patient is at the centre of everything we do, and the patient experience is a significant focus of attention for everyone at Blackrock Clinic.