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Blackrock Clinic CEO Blog Proud moment for Cardiology Department

Proud moment for Cardiology Department

8th Jan 2013

Over time, patients at Blackrock Clinic often form a bond with their team of carers.  Camaraderie, support and humour are an important part of a successful recovery when a patient is fighting his or her way back to health, particularly over a long period of time.

A patient, Seamus Eager, who had spent a lot of time in the care of our Cardiology Department, recently marked his gratitude to the team.  He had successfully received a donor heart in 2009 and this year won several gold medals in the 2012 European Heart and Lung Transplant Games.  He framed one of these medals and presented it to Dr Peter Crean, his cardiologist.  Mr Eager’s forte lies in both golf and table tennis.

We had a small ceremony earlier this month to mark the presentation.  It really is a very important moment for everyone when patients come back to thank us.   We were delighted when Mr Eager stated that he felt Dr Peter Crean and his team in the Cardiology Department were due the credit for keeping him alive.  He firmly believes that he would never have been in a position to win the gold medals, had it not been for this group of talented and caring people.

Mr Eager was diagnosed by Dr Crean with heart failure in 2001.  However, by 2006 his condition had deteriorated and Dr Crean identified that Mr Eager needed a new heart.  He was placed immediately on the transplant list.

Mr Eager’s surgery took place in the Mater hospital.  However it was the Cardiology team at Blackrock Clinic,in conjunction with the National Heart and Lung Transplant Unit at the Mater Hospital, which cared for him beforehand.

Hospitals rarely operate in a vacuum.   The success of such a complex case was dependent on cooperation between different hospitals and specialisms.  At Blackrock Clinic we are delighted to pool our strengths with others to ensure the safe delivery of a patient through a very difficult time.

Our heartiest congratulations and thanks to Mr Eager.