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Blackrock Clinic CEO Blog Public Education – The Masterclass

Public Education – The Masterclass

29th Oct 2019

Blackrock Clinic is hosting a public masterclass in Heart Health on Monday 11th November. This is the latest in a series of Masterclasses where we invite the public to listen to and interact with our health experts, this time in the field of cardiology and specifically how to prevent and / or manage heart disease.

This Masterclass is presented by consultants in cardiology and clinical psychology, with informative advice from one of our senior physiotherapists. The aim of the event is to improve understanding of heart disease. By identifying risk factors, we can adopt the measures our experts will outline to improve our heart health practice in our own lives.

The Speakers:

  • Dr Paddy Barrett, consultant cardiologist at Blackrock Clinic, is a renowned preventive cardiologist. His talk title is “Getting to the Root Cause” and his work is focused on cardiovascular disease prevention.     
  • Prof Mathew Mc Cauley is Blackrock Clinic’s consultant clinical psychologist and his talk title is “Psychology and Cardiovascular Health”.
  • Ms Aisling Hennessy, Senior Physiotherapist of Blackrock Clinic’s Cardiothoracic Unit will be talking on “Physical Activity and Exercise for Heart Health”.

As with all our previous public masterclass events, some very pertinent “take-aways” will be available to the audience, delivered within the presentation and an open Q&A forum.

Keeping healthcare relevant

A lot goes on behind the scenes to keep healthcare practice relevant, and exponentially more so as technology advances. The boundaries of what is medically possible are continually being pushed out. Blackrock Clinic works hard to facilitate all branches of our healthcare stakeholders in education sharing.

The Consultant

It falls to every Hospital Consultant to remain up to date with the latest medical techniques and practices. Along with the plethora of conferences and seminars they may attend globally each year, many consultants have a long list of published papers and journals to their name.

The GP

The consultants are also invited to partner with Blackrock Clinic to engage with our local healthcare community. Their services are enlisted as speakers at GP discussion groups and educational meetings. GPs are invited to attend to learn best current practice within the diverse areas of medicine.

The webinar is the latest and most wide reaching platform for this educational network, and Blackrock Clinic hosts a packed schedule of live webinars throughout the year for healthcare professionals to participate in, or watch later at their convenience.

The Public Masterclass

We are also delighted to take this healthcare expertise out into our patient community. The public masterclass can inform, and also raise awareness of what constitutes the lifestyle we need to optimise our own health. With the deluge of information available to us daily, we are too often faced with conflicting “facts”. Through our Masterclass events, we open our door to the public, inviting you to relate directly with the highly trained medical specialists working within your own community.

Heart Health Masterclass icon image

Please call 1800 60 10 60 to save your place on the current “Masterclass in Heart Health”. As always, this is a free event, but places are limited, so reservation is essential.