Diabetes Centre. Information for Patients and Relatives.

Blackrock Clinic Diabetes Centre. Information for Patients and Relatives.

The new Diabetes team at Blackrock Clinic provides a high quality service with a focus on patient empowerment and self – management of diabetes through education,  medical intervention and ongoing support.

Our aim is to provide information and motivation for people with diabletes.  Structured education sessions focus on healthy diet choices,  a gradual increase of physical activity and fitness  and self monitoring to achieve personalised targets,  with the addition of appropriate medications when indicated.

A telephone / email service is provided by our Diabetes Nurse Specialist for support and advice to all patients.  This is available from 8am to 4.30am Monday to Friday.

Our outpatient clinics take place every Tuesday and Friday morning from 9am – 1pm.  You will need a referral from your GP to attend the Diabetes service.

What to bring with you to each clinic appointment:

  • A list of all your current medications or a recent prescription.
  • Your blood glucose diary and glucose meter.

You will need to have blood tests done before each outpatient visit.  This means that we can give you feedback on the day about glucose and cholesterol levels,  kidney function etc and make adjustments to your medication if needed.  Please contact Penny,  the clinic secretary for details on 087 908 2374.


Diabetesfederation of Irelandwww.diabetes.ie


American DiabetesAssociation www.diabetes.org

The Pituitary Foundation www.pituitary.org.uk

Lifestyle Resources:




www.quit.ie (Smoking)



Keeping your diabetes under control and checking your feet daily can prevent future foot problems. The nerve endings and blood supply to your feet can be affected by diabetes over time.

For information on how you can look after and care for your feet click on the link below: