How to Arrange a Private Ambulance

Blackrock Clinic Emergency Department How to Arrange a Private Ambulance

Private Ambulance

If you require transport to the Emergency Department via Private Ambulance this is what you need to do.

  • Contact the emergency department team on 01-2064479
  • Explain the situation and advise them you are contacting the Medicall Ambulance Service
  • Contact Medicall Ambulance Service on 1890 666 999
  • Medicall will dispatch an ambulance to collect the patient and transport directly to the Blackrock Clinic Emergency Department
  • When you call Medicall ambulance service you will be asked for payment via credit card as the journey to the hospital will not be covered by the health insurers

Please note the ambulance is not a 999 / 112 service and therefore may not be able to attend to you in the immediate few minutes of your call.

If you require an immediate ambulance response then the appropriate number to dial is 999 /112. This ambulance will bring you direct to the nearest public hospital Emergency Department.