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Insurance and Financial Information

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The attendance fee for the Blackrock Clinic Emergency Department (ED) is €175.00.

During My Visit

If you have medical insurance your policy may provide you with cover for some of your treatment in the ED. However, if you do not have medical insurance, your policy does not cover all of the costs or you choose to self-pay, please find listed below the prices of the most common out-patient tests which an ED patient may undergo.

Where ED admission charges are incurred by you, they will be capped at €595.00. This means that personally you will not be charged above €595.00 for the visit.

Some exclusions apply to this cap, such as referral to a specialist consultant, cardiac MRI and cardiac CT.

Prices listed are for guidance only. Prices not shown here can be obtained direct from the hospital by contacting our Enquiry Line team on: Freephone 1800 60 10 60

This line is open Monday to Friday from 9am to 6pm.

EMERGENCY DEPARTMENT out-patient prices

(these prices only apply in this department) 

Examination Price
Standard x-ray €110
Ultrasound €185
MRI (excluding Cardiac MRI) €280
CT (excluding Cardiac CT) €280
Vascular Scans €195
Blood Tests From €40 (capped at €400)
Echo €265
Stress ECG €200
24 Hour Holter Monitor €195
Physiotherapy Visit €90
Emergency Department Visit €175 (capped at €595. Exclusions apply).

Will I be covered if I require admission to the hospital from the Emergency Department?

If your insurance plan falls within Blackrock Clinic’s current shortfall waiving range you will be charged a nominal shortfall fee of €390. This is regardless of your length of stay and is in addition to the initial attendance fee of €175.

Please Note: This does not apply to plans which have very low cover for Blackrock Clinic. Our reception staff will let you know in advance if your plan is one of these as higher fees may apply in these circumstances.

My policy has an excess

Please note that certain insurance policies carry an excess per claim. If you have one of these plans then this excess will be payable in addition to the above charges.