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What does it cost?

During My Visit

If you have medical insurance your policy may provide you with cover for some of your treatment in the Emergency Department (ED). However, if you do not have medical insurance, your policy does not cover all of the costs or you choose to self-pay, please find listed below the prices of the most common out-patient tests which an ED patient may undergo.

Where ED attendance charges are incurred by you, they will be capped at €650.00. This means that personally you will not be charged above €650.00 for the visit.

Some exclusions apply to this cap, such as referral to a specialist consultant, cardiac MRI and cardiac CT.

Prices listed are for guidance only. Prices not shown here can be obtained direct from the hospital by contacting our Accounts Verification Team on 01 2064538 or 01 2064421.

EMERGENCY DEPARTMENT out-patient prices

(these prices only apply in this department) 

Examination Price
Standard x-ray €130
Ultrasound €230
MRI (excluding Cardiac MRI) €308
CT (excluding Cardiac CT) €308
Vascular Scans €214.50
Blood Tests From €40 (capped at €400)
Echo €291.50
Stress ECG €200
24 Hour Holter Monitor €195
Physiotherapy Visit € various
Emergency Department Visit €225 (capped at €650. Exclusions apply)

Will I be covered if I require admission to the hospital from the Emergency Department?

A number of policies fully cover admission to Blackrock Clinic. However, if your policy is not one of these, you may incur an admission fee for your hospital stay. This will be charged at €250 per night and will be capped at €1,500.

Please note: This cap will not apply in the event that you require one to one dedicated care assistance, or if your discharge is delayed for non-medical reasons.

Please have your insurance details to hand when you present to the department.

You may also call our “insurance verification” team on 01 206 4421 to find out your level of cover prior to your visit (Mon – Fri, 7am – 6pm).