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Blackrock Clinic Events Public Information Masterclass in Heart Health

Public Information Masterclass in Heart Health

“80% of early heart disease is preventable”

– Dr Paddy Barrett, Consultant Cardiologist, Blackrock Clinic.

Heart Health Masterclass, Dr. Paddy Barrett

Blackrock Clinic is pleased to invite you to our public information “Masterclass in Heart Health”, taking place on Monday 11th November at 7pm in the Radisson Blu, St. Helen’s Hotel, Stillorgan.

This is a FREE EVENT, but please register in advance as places are limited.

To register your place,

please call: 1800-601-060, or

e-mail: enquiry@blackrock-clinic.com

Public Information Masterclass in Heart Health, the Speakers:

Understanding Heart Disease

Understanding heart disease is about understanding your risk factors. We cannot change some risk factors such as our genetics, but knowing about them is helpful.

Modifiable Risk Factors

Approximately 70% of heart disease risk factors are what we call “modifiable”, which means that they are risks that you can affect by change so as to reduce your risk of heart disease. Blood pressure and excess weight are examples of modifiable risk factors.

High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure alone accounts for about 20% of the risk of heart disease in populations worldwide. In Ireland almost 1,000,000 people over the age of 45 years of age have high blood pressure. The greatest concern is that over half of those with high blood pressure in Ireland are undiagnosed and therefore untreated.

“What isn’t measured isn’t managed”

The good news is that understanding and correcting your heart disease risk factors can substantially reduce your future risk of heart disease. The big issue is that most people are unaware of their risk of heart disease. Even when they are aware, they can sometimes struggle with how to manage it.


Beyond identifying heart disease risk factors, the first actions required are almost always lifestyle measures. Only when a lifestyle approach is not working, or in some cases is inadequate, do we address heart disease with more advanced measures.

Blackrock Clinic Masterclass in Heart Health

Masterclass in Heart Health

This masterclass is for anyone interested in their heart health. We aim to provide reliable information on how best to understand and manage your risk of heart disease. Topics covered will include:

  • how your risk of heart disease is best assessed,
  • how modification of your behavior is likely to be the single greatest tool in managing heart disease risk, and
  • how lifestyle approaches can often be the best first step.

Even if you already have heart issues, understanding and implementing the fundamentals of a heart healthy life will make a difference.

Whatever your heart issue is, we can help.