GP & Radiology

13C Urea Breath Test

25th Nov 2020

Please fax referrals directly to:

Preparation Guide:

To prepare for the test, the patient will need to:

Fast for eight hours prior to the test – no food / water.

Teeth may be brushed but abstain from the use of mouthwash on the morning of the test.

The table below contains a full list of medications the patient must abstain from prior to having the breath test:

MedicationExampleTime Period off Meds
Triple Therapy – Eradication Therapy2/3 months
Antibiotics7 full days
AntacidsGaviscon, Rennie, Andrews, Bisodol, Motilium3 full days
Proton Pump InhibitorsNexium, Protium, Zoton, Pariet, Losec/Losamel7 full days
H2 BlockerTagamet, Zantac, Ranopine, Pepcid, Pinamet3 full days

Please download Patient Guide Brochure her: Coming Soon