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Cardiac CT (Computed Tomography)

30th Mar 2018

Cardiac CT appointments are available by referral. The referral must be received for protocol prior to any appointment being offered.

Please submit enquiries and referrals to the Outpatient Booking office. You can contact the department via:
Tel: 1800 300 200
Email: radiology@blackrock-clinic.com

Please click here to download the Radiology Request Form 2023

With GP referral, Cardiac CT has direct settlement cover with the following health insurers: Irish Life Health (Aviva); ESB; GMA.

Pre-approval may be required and lower plans may be excluded or have part cover.

We will advise patients of any liability prior to booking.

News & Media

Dr Paddy Barrett, Blackrock Clinic Cardiologist. Hospital Professional News, April edition 2021: Cardiometabolic Risk: All That We Can See & All That We Miss

“CT Coronary artery calcium (CAC) scoring has been a key tool in appropriately risk stratifying those in the low or intermediate risk category and is now firmly embedded in the European and US guidelines on cardiovascular risk assessment …… There is no doubt that the use of cardiac CT methodologies is one of the most powerful tools we have available at [sic] identifying those at the highest cardiovascular risk.”

Barrett, D., 2021. Cardiometabolic Risk. [online] Hospital Professional News Ireland. Available at: <https://hospitalprofessionalnews.ie/digital-magazines/> [Accessed 8 April 2021].