COVID-19 Protocols – Hand Hygiene

 Hand hygiene remains the most important factor in the prevention of infection. By having clean hands you will prevent picking up infection and also reduce any risk of contaminating surfaces. Blackrock Clinic provides alcohol gel at the correct concentration of 70% throughout the hospital, inside and outside every patient room and at each hospital entrance.

We have increased the disinfection of touch areas throughout the hospital which includes all waiting area chairs, door handles and bathrooms.

Covid-19 Patient Information

Hand Hygiene compliance in Blackrock Clinic

Hand hygiene includes washing your hands with soap and water and/or cleaning your hands with an alcohol based hand rub. In 2011, Blackrock Clinic started measuring hand hygiene using the national Health Protection Surveillance Centre (HPSC) audit tool. This allows our compliance rate to be benchmarked against other hospitals in Ireland. All healthcare provider groups including physicians, contracted employees and students are included in the audits.

Why is measuring hand hygiene compliance so important?  

Hand hygiene is internationally accepted as the ‘single most important method of infection prevention and control’. This hand hygiene indicator measures healthcare workers compliance with hand hygiene in Blackrock clinic and benchmarks against other hospitals in Ireland. This allows us to compare our compliance rate between the hospitals and share ways of trying to improve hand hygiene on a national level. This measure also increases clinical staff awareness of the importance of hand hygiene.


  • After coughing or sneezing.
  • When they are visibly contaminated with dirt, soil, organic material.
  • When entering and leaving the hospital.
  • Before and after all patient contact.
  • After moving from a contaminated to a clean area after contact with an individual patient.
  • Before and after removing gloves.
  • Before and after eating.
  • After personal bodily functions such as blowing nose and using the lavatory.
  • You can use alcohol hand rub if hands are not visibly dirty.