Prevention of infection

Blackrock Clinic is very focused on reducing the risk of possible infection.  The Infection Prevention and Control Committee at Blackrock Clinic is continually developing new programmes and initiatives to reduce incidents of infection:

  • All patients, especially those at-risk, are monitored upon admission for infection
  • In hospital acquired infections are continually monitored by procedure and by surgeon
  • There is a downward trend for all infections in the last three years due to protocols and initiatives set in place by the hospital
  • All rates within Blackrock Clinic are exceptionally low and substantially below the benchmark set by The International Quality Indicator Project® (IQIP) which assists healthcare organisations in identifying opportunities for improvement in patient care
  • A ‘Sleeves Up’ programme was instigated to ensure all clinical staff wear their sleeves up above their wrists, their ties tucked-in and no jewellery except plain wedding bands.
  • All patient rooms have sinks for handwashing, plus hooks beside the sinks for jackets
  • Patients with resistant organisms that can cause illness are isolated
  • Strict decontamination polices and procedures are adhered to

infection prevention

To assist in ongoing research and data around infections, Blackrock Clinic participates in monitoring programmes including the National Health Protection Surveillance Centre and the European Antimicrobial Resistance Surveillance Network.