Meet The Team

Blackrock Clinic Meet The Team

The Pathology team has over 45 staff plus microbiologists and consultants.

The Team Includes:

  1. 1.    Clinical Director
  2. 2.    Consultants for each discipline
  3. 3.    Pathology Manager
  4. 4.    Medical Scientists
  5. 5.    Medical Laboratory Assistants
  6. 6.    Administrative staff
  7. 7.    Phlebotomists
  8. 8.    Haemovigilance Officer


There are a number of consultants and microbiologists linked to the laboratory and these include:


  • Clinical Director: Professor Mary Leader, Professor of Histopathology
Speciality: Histopathology


Secretary: Ms S   Dalton
Phone: 01-8092541
Fax: 01-8370687


Professional Profile

Professor Leader graduated in 1976 from RCSI, became MRCPI in 1978 and MRCPath in 1984.  She was appointed Consultant Histopathologistin 1986, and appointed Clinical Pathology RCSI in 1987.


Special Interests

Tumour Pathology


Research Interests

Tumour Pathology


Current Membership

Faculty of Pathology RCPI – Board Member,RCPI,RC Pathologists London,Pathological Society of Great Britain and Ireland,British Association and International Academy of Pathology (Council Member).


  • Dr Philip Murphy – Consultant in Haematology and Blood Transfusion
  • Dr Margaret Sinnott – Consultant Chemical Pathologist
  • Dr Linda Fenelon, Consultant Chemical Pathologist
  • Dr Kirsten Schaffer
  • Dr Anne Gilleece




  • Dr Bruce Mitchell
Speciality: Immunology   / Allergy
Practice: Suite   1 Blackrock Clinic
Clinic   Hours: Tuesday   and Thursday


Secretary: Frances
Phone: 01-2064202