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Blackrock Clinic News Blackrock Clinic – Annual Remembrance Service

Blackrock Clinic – Annual Remembrance Service

4th Nov 2022

This November, we will once again be holding our annual remembrance service for patients who have passed away in our care over the past year.

The service will take place at the Church of the Assumption in Booterstown, on Monday, November 7th at 7.00 pm.

We welcome the families and loved ones of these patients to join us on the evening to remember their lives and those they have left behind. As with previous years, we will be streaming the event live to ensure that everyone who wants to can join us, but this year is a special one in that for the first time since the pandemic began we are encouraging families to join us in person.

The ability to once again bring people together is important to us. While you never truly get over the loss of a loved one, a lot can change over the course of a year.

For the families of patients who have recently passed away, we have found that it can often prove cathartic to meet with those who are further along in the grieving process.

Bishop Eamonn Walsh will preside over the ceremony, at which we will be lighting a candle for every one of the patients we have lost.

If you are able to join us on the evening, your attendance would be sincerely appreciated. As always, it is sure to be a profoundly moving event for all involved.

If you wish to attend:

You are invited to a Zoom webinar.
When: Nov 7, 2022 07:00 PM Dublin
Topic: Blackrock Clinic Service Of Remebrance

Please click the link below to join the webinar: