Blackrock Clinic Developments Blackrock Clinic Emegency Department Triples In Size

Blackrock Clinic Emegency Department Triples In Size

3rd Nov 2014

As a result of unprecedented demand for its service, Blackrock Clinic’s Emergency Department has expanded to a new purpose-built facility on the same floor as the hospital reception.  The facility is three times the size of the original ED and has double the number of beds.

The new facility offers the patients many valuable benefits including:

  • Consultant-delivered care.  Every patient is cared for by a consultant who will personally bring them through their care path;
  • Speed and efficiency.  The additional capacity and staffing levels allow the patient to embark on a faster journey – with speedier processes – through the ED.
  • Space.  The new Emergency Department has tripled in size and has doubled the number of beds;
  • Privacy.  Each spacious cubicle is separated by glass partitions, sound-proofing discussions between patients and their care-providers.  Gone are the days when ED patients are distracted by and possibly hear the intimate details of the patients around them;
  • Increased opening hours.  The ED hours are now extended to 8am-6pm, Monday to Friday and 10am-5pm on weekends and bank holidays;
  • Additional reception space.  Offering comfort for waiting patients and privacy during check-in:
  • Light.  The ED has large windows, which flood the facility with natural light during daylight hours;
  • Cost efficiency and cost transparency.  ED charges prior to admission are capped at €500 and patients will not be charged in excess of €500 for tests during that visit.¹
  • Peace of mind.  Patients with the equivalent or higher of VHI plan B (now called Health Plus Access), Aviva Level 2, Laya Essential Plus or Glo Health Better Plan will be covered in the event of requiring admission to hospital at Blackrock Clinic.  The normal supplements attached to these plans are currently waived by Blackrock Clinic.

“Blackrock clinic opened its first Emergency Department Service in 2010 and within four years, demand for the service grew so much, the facility had to be significantly extended.  As a result, we can now offer patients a new purpose-built facility which has some fantastic new offerings such as privacy, space and light,” said Bryan Harty, CEO of Blackrock Clinic.

“Patients are voting with their feet, using the service in large numbers.  As a result, Blackrock Clinic’s ED is taking a significant number of patients in need of emergency care out of the capital’s A&E system” he added.

“Private healthcare offerings have always provided a viable alternative for many patients, and today with our Emergency Department, we can now offer modern, efficient care in certain emergency situations”, he concluded.

¹ For patients without medical cover or for those with only partial payment, there is a list of costs for the most common out-patient tests which an ED patient may undergo. This list is available on Prices listed are for guidance only. Prices not shown here can be obtained directly from the hospital by contacting our Enquiry Line team on: Freephone 1800 60 10 60, Monday to Friday from 9am to 6pm.