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Blackrock Clinic News Building our Team for Brand New Electrophysiology Cath Lab

Building our Team for Brand New Electrophysiology Cath Lab

29th Jul 2022

Recruitment is underway to expand Blackrock Clinic’s cardiology team to resource a brand new Cath Lab which we will be opening in autumn 2022.

Positions available include Cardiac Physiologists, Nurses specialising in Cardiology, Electrophysiology, Cath Lab & Anaesthetics, and Radiographers.

Cardiology – a central pillar

Expertise in leading edge cardiac procedures  has always been a central pillar of Blackrock Clinic, and we remain at the forefront of the field to this day. This will be the third Cath Lab to be opened at Blackrock Clinic, but the first that is fully dedicated to electrophysiology (EP).


EP is a subfield of cardiology focusing on the electrical system of the heart. While the heart muscle pumps blood into the arteries, it relies on its electrical system to beat effectively. Issues with the electrical signals to the heart can cause complications in the heart’s rhythms. Electrophysiologists study and treat these irregular heart rhythms, often referred to as arrhythmias.

Electrophysiologists test for, diagnose, and treat abnormal heart rhythms such as:

  • cardiac arrest,
  • bradycardia,
  • tachycardia, and
  • atrial fibrillation.

They also perform device implantations, fitting patients with pacemakers and ICDs to help maintain heartbeat regularity.

EP Cath Lab Team

Adagio’s iCLAS Ablation System

The team in our EP Cath Lab will coordinate closely with their collegues in our two existing cath labs, working from parallel patient lists in order to ensure maximum flexibility and efficiency in delivering patient care.

The opening of the EP Cath Lab will be another significant development for our EP team, in what has been a highly productive year for them so far. In March, Blackrock Clinic became the first hospital in Ireland to use Adagio’s I-CLAS technology, a novel ultra-cold curvilinear catheter ablation system, to treat patients with atrial fibrillation.

Later, in May, we supplemented our atrial fibrillation treatment repertoire with a new  Pulse Field Ablation technology that more effectively targets the source of the heart rhythm problem with a lower risk of thermal injury to collateral structures.

If you are interested in taking the next step in your career in Cardiology by joining our word class EP team, contact us today. Check out our careers page here