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Blackrock Clinic News Concierge service continues to extend a warm welcome at Blackrock Clinic

Concierge service continues to extend a warm welcome at Blackrock Clinic

28th Jun 2021

Blackrock Clinic ‘s concierge service at the Hospital’s main entrances was introduced at the beginning of the pandemic to ensure patients arriving for care receive a warm and reassuring welcome, and of course a helping hand if needed.

The role of the Blackrock Clinic Concierge Team (pictured) is to:

Be the polite and friendly first point of contact for patients arriving for their care;

Direct and accompany patients to their destination;

Help those patients who need assistance;

Ensure that visitor restrictions are adhered to;

Ensure that all patients and others entering the hospital practice good hand hygiene and observe Covid-19 prevention protocols;

Deliver packages and gifts to/from patients and their friends and families.

This is a Covid-19 initiative which has proved to be extremely popular with our patients, families, and staff. The Team’s work is constantly being praised in the ‘Comment Cards’ we receive from many of our patients, who recognise that their value extends far beyond ensuring that Covid-19 protocols are adhered to. As our CEO James O’Donoghue puts it…

“Going to hospital can be a daunting experience for people at any time, but particularly during the pandemic. Since the Concierge Team was established, they have shown that being greeted by a friendly face (even if that smile is behind a mask) on arrival at Blackrock Clinic is invaluable in reassuring patients that the Hospital will keep them safe as well as offering that extra bit of assistance that patients may require as they check in for their care. We are delighted that the Concierge Team has proven to be so popular with our patients and it is one of the good things to come out of the pandemic.”