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Blackrock Clinic News HER Outdoors Week 2022 – #FindYourOutdoors

HER Outdoors Week 2022 – #FindYourOutdoors

8th Aug 2022

Blackrock Clinic supports Sport Ireland’s ‘HER Outdoors Week’ 2022, an initiative to celebrate women in sport and outdoor activities. This now annual event encourages more of us to enjoy our fitness, whilst raising awareness of the opportunities available in our surrounding environments. 

The theme of getting energised outdoors highlights the positives for women and girls when we become involved in physical activity. Our needs might be different, but most of us will be met with health benefits if we combine ‘sport’ with an appreciation of our surroundings.

Physical activity

By definition, physical activity can be any movement by the body that increases energy expenditure above the basal metabolic rate (BMR). This leaves a myriad of options.

Aerobic activities, including running, swimming, cycling, and walking, can be especially beneficial.

At Blackrock Clinic we are uncommonly blessed in our own location, having the coast, parks, cycle paths, and mountains all within easy reach. Our setting practically encourages us to engage with its amenities. Elsewhere we might benefit from joining together with friends and clubs for motivation. Sport Ireland lists many suggestions for ‘jumping-in’ points.

Check your levels

Beginners might want to explore the demands of activity types to develop the best approach for them.

GPs are a recommended starting point if you have concerns about underlying conditions, and advice in sports practice is available within our physiotherapy department.

There are also many wearable devices on the market to check and monitor your own abilities, goals, and achievements.

What does physical activity mean for women’s health?

Physical activity can help reduce the risk of many so called ‘lifestyle’ diseases such as heart disease, high blood pressure, and stroke. Staying active throughout the day can reduce stiffness or pain in your joints. Some less overt yet equally impressive benefits can include improvement of mood, memory, and sleep.

Team Blackrock Clinic

Blackrock Clinic has some outstanding female athletes within our own ranks, and many more of us who take a gentler interest in outside activities. We also have a great tradition of supporting women’s sport in our community, holding long established relationships with sports people and sports teams.

Women & Girls Hockey has become a particular favourite since 2017 when we had the privilege of sponsoring Ireland Girls’ International Hockey Teams ahead of the Six Nations Tournament. We follow the Development Squads with pride, and very much enjoy watching the contribution these players are making to Irish hockey.


The benefits of physical activity are well documented, yet many women still don’t get enough of it. If you need help getting started, follow this link https://www.sportireland.ie/heroutdoors to find facts and information on local activities that may inspire you.

You might never look back.