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Phototherapy at Blackrock Clinic

30th Aug 2021

Psoriasis is a chronic, systemic inflammatory skin disorder that affects at least 73,000 people in Ireland. The skin disease can affect any part of the skin surface, but most commonly involves the elbows, knees, scalp and lower back.

The condition tends to run in families. Environmental factors, however, can also play a role. In some cases, emotional stress, infection, injury to the skin or certain medications can trigger the initial episode of psoriasis, while certain lifestyle factors such as heavy drinking and smoking can worsen it.

Thankfully, however, treatments have emerged in recent years to help combat and treat psoriasis, one of which is phototherapy, which is now offered at Blackrock Clinic. Phototherapy is an effective method of treating a number of skin conditions, the most common of which is psoriasis.

The treatment involves the exposure of the skin to various forms of ultraviolet light. A variety of types of phototherapy, involving different wavelengths of normal sunlight, are offered at Blackrock Clinic.

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Like all other treatments and services provided at Blackrock Clinic, we carry out phototherapy treatments to the highest of standards. Our team has an abundance of experience so you know that you are in the best of hands when pursuing your course of treatment in the Clinic. You can rest assured that we follow all Covid protocols, and our friendly concierge team will be on hand to greet you.

Phototherapy at Blackrock Clinic is administered on the referral from a Consultant Dermatologist and patients are informed of all possible side effects prior to deciding to proceed with phototherapy treatment. If you suffer from psoriasis or are interested in Blackrock Clinic’s phototherapy services, or if you have any questions about how phototherapy works, feel free to contact us at 01 206 4365.

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