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Sustainability at Blackrock Clinic

7th Jun 2022

Eco governance is a strategic priority at Blackrock Clinic, where our Green & Sustainability Committee unites staff, local communities, suppliers and contractors to progress our green goals and education programmes.

We have a long list of initiatives already underway, and always leave the door open for that (LED) light-bulb moment! We are proud to say that our ‘Blackrock Clinic Goes Green‘ campaign has achieved companywide buy-in, every team keeping its activities under review to find a greener efficiency where possible.

EcoMerit Certification

Blackrock Clinic was the first hospital in Ireland to be EcoMerit Certified, and we have developed a rigorous plan to mitigate our environmental damage in the areas of waste, water and energy outputs. As part of this plan, we have:

  • Reduced our contribution to landfill by placing segregated waste bins throughout the hospital and we are educating our staff, patients, and visitors on the proper recycling protocols.
  • Our Engineering Department completed Irish Water’s ‘Water Stewardship Training Programme’ and was awarded a ‘Certified Water Steward Badge,’ towards which we committed to a three year strategy to reduce our water consumption by 15% – 20%.
  • Installed “not in use” standby features to all of the operating theatres in Blackrock Clinic, and we are replacing all fluorescent lamps with LED lighting.

Further important green developments within the operating theatres are emerging, with anaesthetic gas use under scrutiny. Discussions are under way on more sustainable options – we will be bringing you more on this soon.

Blackrock Health

Sustainability is of equal priority to our Hospital Group ‘Blackrock Health’, and in the coming months a ‘Group Sustainability & Corporate Social Responsibility Strategy’ will be outlined.

As its first green initiative, Blackrock Health celebrated its launch by collaborating with Hometree Ireland to plant 3,000 trees (representing one for every member of staff) at their site in Deerpark, County Clare. Later this month, four members of Blackrock Clinic staff will be joining Blackrock Health’s CEO Dr Caroline Whelan and Business Manager Diane Hanrahan on a visit to the site to report back on the progress of the project.

Blackrock Clinic is grateful to all of our eco-allies. Together we are working to build a sustainable future.