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Day of Surgery Unit (DOSA)

Blackrock Clinic Patients Day of Surgery Unit (DOSA)

Many patients enter our hospital system through our “Day of Surgery Unit” (DOSA). Our dedicated staff strive to make your journey to theatre as efficient as possible from this point.

Here is what will happen should your admission be via DOSA:

  1. You will be greeted by the nurse caring for you, who will accompany you to your accommodation bay.
  2. A pre operative assessment will be carried out by the nurse and the consultant, or the surgical registrar. 
  3. You will change into a theatre gown which will be provided. Your belongings will be stored in a locker.
  4. You will be taken into the theatre by the anaesthetic nurse caring for you, and from there proceed with your surgery.
  5. Following surgery, you will transfer from theatre to the Day Unit or directly to an inpatient room, depending upon what has been planned for your stay. Your luggage and belongings will be brought safely to your destination area.

We will do all we can to put you at ease and ensure that you are comfortable whilst in our care.