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Patient Information

Blackrock Clinic Patients Patient Information

In Patients at Blackrock clinicBlackrock Clinic offers its in-patients a unique benefit because it is the only hospital to exclusively offer single patient rooms which allow for privacy, comfort and significantly reduces the spread of hospital acquired infections.

A helpful booklet is available entitled “Essential Information for Patients”.  This booklet will be given to patients where possible prior to admission or on the day of admission.  It can be viewed by clicking on the following link: Essential Information for Patients, October 2020

Prior to admission, patients will receive a letter which will give them all the information needed about their visit.

This will include information on:

  • Fasting: Patients may not be allowed to eat or drink (including water) from the evening before admission
  • Insurance: Requesting that patients check their insurance policies in advance of the procedure and advising that additional payments are due upon admission.  Patients are also asked to bring their insurance membership card and other relevant insurance details
  • Arrival: advising patients to check-in at the main reception
  • What to bring: including toiletries, nightwear and current medications with an accurate list of dosage and frequency
  • Valuables: Advising patients that Blackrock Clinic cannot accept liability for personal property which is lost or damaged during a patient’s stay
  • Discharge: advising patients on collection from the hospital.

For further information, including our library of Patient Information brochures and Patient’s Glossary of Medical Terms, please follow this link:

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