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Patient Information Downloads

Blackrock Clinic Patients Patient Information Downloads

Patient’s Glossary of Medical Terms

Words and terms you may hear or read relating to hospital and medical treatments can be unfamiliar. Sometimes you need to understand the vocabulary used before you can process what is being said. Please download our “Patient’s Glossary of Medical Terms” which we hope might help you with this.

Patient’s Glossary of Medical Terms

We continue down this page with A-Z links to information, downloads and brochures you might also find useful.

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Anaesthesia explained

Blood Transfusion

Information on Blood Transfusion


Bubble Study Echocardiogram & Contracts Study

Dobutamine Stress Echo

Echocardiogram & Stress Echo

Holter, Blood Pressure & Event Monitoring

Cardiac CT Scan – Patient Information

Cardiac MRI Patient Information Leaflet

Information for Patients: Before and After Open Heart Surgery


Colonoscopy Prep Instructions

Patient Information Booklet – Colonoscopy

Patient Information Booklet – Gastroscopy

Intensive Care Unit

Visitor Information – ICU


What are Antibiotics?

Nuclear Medicine



“The Back Class”

A Patient’s Guide to Phototherapy

Specialist Radiology

Directory of Specialist Imaging, Diagnostic & Interventional Services

Cath Lab preperation image on Patient Information Downloads page