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Patient Rights

Blackrock Clinic Patients Patient Rights

You may Expect from us…

  • Protection of your right to privacy and confidentiality of information related to your medical care
  • Clear and concise explanation of your condition, proposed treatments or procedures, the benefits or drawbacks of the proposed treatments, expected recuperation and the likelihood of the success of the treatments or procedures
  • Blackrock Clinic Atrium ImageThe facilitation of a second opinion if you request it
  • Access to care in a┬ásafe and secure environment
  • Freedom from any type of discrimination on the basis of age, colour, creed, national origin, sexual orientation or disability
  • Services of the hospital’s Religious Ministers and access to your own Minister of Religion, if required
  • Attentive, courteous responses to any concerns, queries or complaints you and your family may have
  • Access to an interpreter, if requested
  • Access to a chaperone if required
  • Appropriate assessment and management of pain
  • Care that supports your dignity and self worth
  • Respectful and compassionate care at the end of life

We Ask of You…

  • Consideration for your fellow patients, their families and our staff
  • That you will tell us if you don’t understand information we give you
  • That you give us accurate and complete information about your medical history
  • That you will tell us if we do not meet your expectations in any way