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Visitor Information

Blackrock Clinic Patients Visitor Information


Blackrock Clinic hospital visiting protocols are reviewed in line with best clinical practice. 

Patient safety remains our priority, so we respectfully ask all patients and their families to consider maintaining a no visitor policy unless it is deemed necessary, or of benefit to the patient’s wellbeing.

Should you attend as a visitor, please adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Visiting is allowed between the hours of 5.30pm – 7pm.
  • One visitor only per patient.

Any visiting restrictions are in place to help protect our patients, so thank you for respecting our protocols. Everyone plays a role in keeping our patients safe – it takes a team!


Flowers are not permitted in patient rooms.

Please understand that the reason for this is “Infection Prevention and Control“. Patient safety is our  priority. 


Visiting Patients in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU)

The ICU provides care for patients following major surgery and those whose conditions warrant constant monitoring and / or specialised care. For full details, please read our brochure “Visitor Information – ICU“.

You can also contact the unit directly on 01 206 4353. It is respectfully requested that visitors avoid phoning during nursing handover times 07.00 to 07.30 and 19.15 to 20.15.

E Cards (Email a patient)

Your relatives and friends can send an e-card with their personal message. Click on the “Email a patient” link and follow the instructions.

Car Parking

The first 15 minutes of parking at the hospital are free. After that a charge of €3.00 per hour applies.

A daily pass is available at €18.00 per day, and a weekly pass at €55.00 per week.

The following car parking concessions are available for patients and their visitors who attend the hospital regularly or over a prolonged period:

Oncology patients, who visit numerous times for treatment can use a special oncology pass which is €5.00 per day.

Parking for drivers with a disability is available and is located directly outside the hospital building.

Information on parking and parking concessions is provided to all patients in their welcome pack and the hourly charge for parking is clearly marked at the car park entrance and all pay stations.

Currently there are 520 visitor car parking spaces both outside the clinic and in the recently built, 9 level multi-storey car park.

Restaurant – Main Hospital Reception

The restaurant is accessed from the right of the main hospital atrium. Please conform with our current social distancing | mask waering etiquette, it is designed for the safety of us all. Ask a member of staff if you are in any doubt.

Coffee Shop – Clinic Building

A take away service is available to all hospital and clinic attendees from this outlet.