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Cardiology Department


Statement on behalf of Blackrock Health

Friday 30th September 2022

The safety of our patients across Blackrock Health is our number one priority. Our three hospitals, Galway Clinic, Hermitage Clinic and Blackrock Health, have received a Field Safety Notice from one of our suppliers, Abbott, regarding implantable pacemaker devices. The notice relates to some interruption in the effective functionality of Assurity and Endurity devices. We have identified a small number of patients for whom the notice applies. All of these patients are being contacted by our Clinical Team in order to determine whether they need to attend for a clinical review. We are taking this notification from Abbott very seriously and, while there have been no reports of permanent harm to patients resulting from this issue, we have set up a dedicated phone line should patients require further advice. The phone line 1800 333789 is open 9am-5pm Monday to Friday.


At the very outset, Blackrock Clinic was known for its expertise in cardiac procedures and high tech surgeries. Today, over 30 years later, Blackrock Clinic is still at the forefront of the latest techniques, procedures and technologies when it comes to cardiology.

Some of the newest procedures have been performed in Ireland for the first time by Blackrock Clinic Consultant Cardiologists.  For example, in summer 2011, the first ever keyhole heart valve replacement surgery was performed in our hospital. More recently in August 2018, Ireland’s first minimally invasive heart bypass operation using robotics was successfully carried out here.

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The Cardiology Department is at the forefront of the latest techniques, procedures and technologies

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Some of the best international and national consultant cardiologists are attached to Blackrock Clinic

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Depending on your policy, some of the cardiology diagnostic tests and treatments are covered by health insurance. You may also be entitled to tax relief on some of these.