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Our Cardiac Patients from Northern Ireland

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How to find Blackrock Clinic

Welcome to Blackrock Clinic and thank you for choosing our hospital to take care of your cardiac needs.

We are aware that you may have many questions you would like answered prior to your admission. In this section, we aim to map out what you can expect from your stay and introduce you to our cardiac team who will be caring for you.

For general information about our hospital and facilities, please follow this link to our Essential Information for Patients, October 2020

If you do not find the information you want on this page, please contact either of the following:

Clinical Questions 

Blackrock Clinic Cardiac Nurse Specialist: Grace Murphy:
Telephone: 00 (353) 87 217 8876
E-mail: murphygr@blackrock-clinic.com

Prior to admission 

Your surgeon’s secretary will advise you of your admission date.

At this point nurse Grace Murphy, Blackrock Clinic’s cardiac nurse specialist will post an information pack.  It will include the following brochures:

Information for Patients: Before and After Open Heart Surgery

Information on Blood Transfusion

Not all of this information may apply to you, however, it is important for you and your family/ carer to read it and to prepare any questions you have.

Grace will call you closer to your admission date when she will introduce herself and be able to answer these questions. She will also:

  • need to discuss the medication you are on, so please keep a list or latest prescription handy for this call.
  • ask you to attend your GP/ Practice Nurse for a swab to be taken from your nose for “Culture and Sensitivity”. It is important to have the results back before admission, so please attend to this as soon as possible. Please ask the GP practice to fax the swab results to Grace on fax no: 00 (353) 1 206 4281.
  • Additionally, if you are having heart valve replacement or repair, she will advise you whether you need to visit your dentist prior to surgery. If you do, Grace will explain the requirements.

* Please make arrangements for somebody to care for you during the first two weeks following discharge. This will aid your recovery process. 

What to bring with you for your stay:

  • 4/5 changes of nightwear (loose fitting)
  • Well-fitting slippers
  • Dressing Gown
  • Underwear
  • Toiletries
  • Mouthwash
  • Disposable hand wipes are useful for refreshing your hands in the early post-op days
  • Male patients may find an electric razor convenient to use, although this is not essential
  • Your medication and your latest prescription, as discussed with Grace
  • Reading material, music, anything to help you relax. Your room will have a television/ radio and wifi connection.
  • A small suitcase/ holdall. During your surgery and stay in the Intensive Care Unit, we will pack your belongings as you may be in a different room after surgery.  We will store your belongings and unpack for you when you return to the cardiac unit.
  • Loose comfortable clothing. We aim to have you dressed a day or two prior to discharge.

You do NOT need to bring towels. We supply these.

Please do not bring valuables with you. All jewellery must be removed for surgery. 

How to get here 

Please follow this link for car, bus, train, parking information:

Additional Information:

Port Tunnel Toll Bridge charges €10.00. 6am – 10am / 4pm – 7pm. €3.00 all other times.
East Link Toll Bridge charges €1.75.
M1 Toll Bridge charges €1.90.

On arrival 

Please check in at the Hospital Reception (second building). Admission time is 1pm and your name will be on the admission list.

There is no need to fast on the day of admission.

Please have your lunch prior to admission as you will be busy with tests when you arrive.

You will be escorted to the William Stokes Unit (Cardiac Unit) on the 4th floor, where you will have a private room with en suite facilities.

You will be asked for the telephone numbers of two Next of Kin contacts. These are very important for your hospital records.

Family / Carers

Family members often choose to stay at the nearby Stillorgan Park Hotel. Please follow this link to their website: http://www.stillorganpark.com

Visitors are advised to keep to hand the following important contact numbers:
Stokes Unit (Nurses Station): 00 (353) 1 206 4379/80 (4th Floor)
Intensive Care Unit: 00 (353) 1 206 4353 (Lower ground floor)


Discharge time is between 11-12 noon. Please make arrangements for your family/carer to take you home. 

Post Surgery

Your follow-up outpatient appointment will be held approximately 6/8 weeks after your surgery.

You will be referred for postoperative Cardiac Rehabilitation in Northern Ireland. Grace Murphy will liaise with you over which cardiac rehabilitation centre is most convenient for you.

You are Strongly advised to attend this course.