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Welcome to the Cosmetic Surgery Department

There are two main branches to plastic surgery: Reconstructive Surgery and Aesthetic (or Cosmetic) Surgery.

Reconstructive surgery restores function and/or appearance. This may include the correction of the effects of cancer, injury or birth defects.

Aesthetic surgery is the branch of plastic surgery which seeks to improve the appearance of a body part that is otherwise normal such as breast augmentation or a face lift. If you are considering treatment, advice from a professional experienced surgeon is essential.

Undergoing Cosmetic (Aesthetic) or Reconstructive Surgery is a highly sensitive and surgically serious matter.  At Blackrock Clinic it is important that patients understand the gravity of the procedure they are undertaking and that they feel confident in the experience and qualifications of their surgeons, and the subsequent healthcare they will receive at the hospital.

That is why the most experienced and respected consultant surgeons are attached to Blackrock Clinic.  All of the Consultant Surgeons who operate out of Blackrock Clinic are highly respected, well-established Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons. They are all on the specialist register of the Irish Medical Council and are affiliated with St. Vincent’s University Hospital, St James Hospital and Our Lady’s Hospital for Sick Children in Crumlin.

Crucially, patients also have the reassurance of the 24/7 back up of the hospital itself. The ideal location to have any surgical procedure is within a hospital setting. Choosing Blackrock Clinic affords you that advantage.

The hospital environment ensures that patients have the back-up of all the other areas of clinical expertise.

The Blackrock Clinic Consultant surgeons are each contactable at any stage day or night via the Blackrock hospital reception. In addition if a surgeon is away he / she will have arranged for one of the other team members to cover his/ her emergency calls. The patient is thus confident of assistance or advice at any stage during their recovery.