Direct Access Endoscopy Services

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After you go home

The “Direct Access Endoscopy” pathway is the most direct route for a patient to access our endoscopy services. Any waiting time is reduced as the patient does not require an outpatient consultation appointment in advance of the procedure. The service is Consultant led.

Our Direct Access Endoscopy services are available by GP referral.

I have a referral – what happens next?

To submit a referral / discuss the service, please contact the Endoscopy Unit on:

Tel: 01 268 1916

Fax: 01 206 4532


An appropriate appointment will be offered following receipt and protocol of the referral document.

What does it cost?

Many endoscopy services are covered by the Health Insurance Companies at Blackrock Clinic. Please call our Freephone Enquiry Line 1800 60 10 60 if you need direction regarding any cost/insurance cover information.

What is: Endoscopy?

An endoscope is a long thin flexible instrument used by a doctor to examine something inside the patient. In Blackrock Clinic’s Endoscopy Unit, the doctor is a Consultant Gastroenterologist.

Procedures performed here are: