Insurance & Finance

Insurance and/or Self Paying Options

Blackrock Clinic works with all the main Irish Health Insurers and welcomes self-paying patients. Please call 1800 60 10 60 for further Information.

All facilities at Blackrock Clinic are available to patients with health insurance, on a self-paying basis, or a combination of both.

With over 400 insurance plans on the market, the level of cover afforded by them varies hugely. With the exception of a few top plans, the cover will alter between different hospitals, procedures, and lengths of stay. Even patients with health insurance may find themselves with nightly shortfalls to pay or with little or no cover for certain types of procedure.

Other patients have no health insurance, or have cover under non-Irish insurance companies and don’t know where they stand.

Blackrock Clinic aims to demystify the financial situation well in advance of the Patient’s admission date, as we want to eliminate any additional stress on the patient and family.

We operate a Freephone Enquiry Line Monday to Friday, 9am to 6pm. Our experienced staff are available to discuss your personal circumstance and guide you through any financial liabilities. Our number is 1800 60 10 60.